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We are a multidisciplinary group based in Geneva (Switzerland).

Our work is between action and research, individual and collective, theory and imagination, in order to participate to produce a public and radical city. 

​#research #mediation #interventions #workshops

Stefani Longshamp

Matthias is a geographer and political scientist. He is a researcher at the University of Geneva. He did a PhD thesis on the link between city and citizenship by studying participatory processes in urban projects. His research issue is the polis, and the roles of the inhabitant in the production of the city in the urban and digital environment. At the same time, he works in different fields to explore new ways of making the city (urbanism,

e-citizenship, urban ecology, community action). He has coordinated participatory urban planning projects and urban events in connection with public space in France, Switzerland and Spain.

Max Reinert

She graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of A Coruña in Spain, 2007 and is currently working as a crossed disciplines artist. Her work explores the idea of the urban environment progression and relations with the past and the future in terms of emptiness and construction.

Her work has been exhibited in Santiago de Compostela (Espacio 48), Barcelona (Galeria Aquins, Pati Limona, Forum Balaguer), Geneva (Red-zone arts, Usine Kugler), London (PulseFilms) and Shanghai (BigSpace).
In 2011 she received "peintures rupestres du SXXI" sponsored by Fnac urban art Award, she also nominated for the “Biennial Young Painter” award sponsored by Caixa Penedés in 2009 and “International “Terras de Iria” Contest” Award in 2010. 
In 2015 she was invited to stay at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency in Shanghai during a six months period.In 2016 she received a prix «Hack Geneva, le futur de la ville» sponsored by  La Ville de Genève, Startup Weekend Suisse.

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